Monday, July 12, 2010

1st day PHY 3103

Dr. M: I'm your course co-ordinator for PHY 3103. In this course, we will be learning only bout motions and just the basics.

Dr.M:hey, u! What's this? (sambil menunjukkan ke arah lampu)

Student: Lamp

Dr.M: If u ask your three years old brother or sister they will also give the same answer. As a university student, your answer should be like a university student. If u ask me I will answer, i saw the particles are colliding.

Satu kelas tergelak.

Dr. M: What is F=ma?

Student:force is mass times acceleration.

Dr. M: If u give that type of answer, it's wrong. It is maths not physics.

Satu kelas terdiam.

Dr.M: What is the difference between distance and displacement?

Student A: Distance is the actual path. Displacement is the shortest path.

Dr. M: Okey, u come here. Near me.

Student A pun jalan ke arah dia.

Dr. M: Now walk 10 steps.

Student A yang blur2 tergamam kejap.

Dr. M: Just walk.

Student A pun jalan 10 langkah.

Dr. M: OK. Now come back to the actual position.

Student A balik ke position asal.

Dr. M: Now, walk five steps to the right.

Student A pun jalan.

Dr. M: Now, back to your position. So, can you'll see the difference? Which is displacement and which is distance?

Satu kelas macam kena kejutan 12 volt.

Dr. M: This is all about physics. You are learning something that you can't see.

Lepas tu, Dr.M pegang pen.

Dr. M: Why is this pen doesn't fall down?

Student B: Sbb ada geseran.

Student C: Because it has frictional force.

Dr. M: Just the basics first. You should answer because the velocity is zero. The acceleration is zero as a physics student.

Rasa macam nak terguling-guling time nie.

Dr. M: What is your weight?

Student D: 52 kg.

Dr. M: Is her answer correct?

Student E: Yes.

Student F: Yes.

Dr. M: It is wrong. I asked you the weight not the mass. You need to multiply 10 and 52. It is not your fault. Our system have used to it. So what should you do when you need to fill in the weight part in the forms?

Semua student tundukkan kepala. Takut kena tanya.

Dr. M: You should correct that part. Replace the word weight with mass.

Satu kelas tergelak.

Dr. M: Why you'll are coming to university? Just because your parents asked to do so? Or to get a degree?

Student G terdiam. Takut nak jawab. Mungkin fikir apa perangkap lepas ni.

Dr. M: If u ask me, i will say, i came to the university to get a 1st class degree. Not just to get a degree. Everyone can obtain a degree.

Dah kecut perut time nie.

Dr.M: Today,you have 100% marks. You have what?

Students: 100%.

Dr. M: Make sure you say the word percent. So, don't let other people to interfere your percentage. Make sure at the end of this course you can maintain it. Don't let it become 40%.

Dr. M: Make sure on this Wednesday you come early to the lecture. If you are late more than 15 minutes I might lock the door.


p/s: Cerita ini bukan berniat untuk memperli tetapi berniat baik. Mungkin sedikit berbeza dengan apa yang disampaikan sebentar tadi tetapi mesejnya adalah sama.

Monolog dalaman: Mr. Fizik, I'm trying to love you! Don't dissappoint me, ya!


  1. haha..teringat mase kelas ngan Dr M dulu2..

  2. huhuhu...syahdu giler!
    Dr. M!!! miss u much! tanx for those torturing memories u gave us! even lovely...extremely tanx to educate us da real meaning of physics...
    =)-GORGEOUs- =)

  3. aduh...aku rs aku kn tuka dr.M ke dr. A lah..sume mcm tau jek sape dr. M nie...abis aku kn kejar ngan Dr. M...adoi!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. bia ak yg kantoikan ko!! hahahahahah angah gilak! (^_^)

  5. Penuh memori dan kenangan belajar dengan Dr. M... Hahaha... Layan je!!!

  6. kak long kantoikan angah ciap kak long...angah kejar smpi serumpun...haha...

    fatin:Dr. M memang hebatlah tapi student dia jek kpala x btl ckit...haha..

  7. DR M....I'm also will be DR MUIZZ haha...god willing..hehe...nice2.

  8. erk...alamak br sedar org tu pn takde2...awak DR A...sbb ada abdul...haha

  9. kenal sape Dr M...skrg dah xde kat Fakulti Sains...dah pindah ke Pusat Asasi..

    1. hehe...mesti student UPM kan? ke lectrurer..erk...